Daily Forecast Aries 06-13


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Get ready to branch out, try new activities, and discover some wonderful things in odd places. Your brains, ideals, and feelings are all expanding outward, filling up your life with all kinds of positive energy and new possibilities. The more you express yourself using words, behavior, and body language, the more you can spread your great energy. Share the wealth with those around you!

Singles Lovescope

Your enthusiasm knows no limits right now, and that’s a great thing. You’ll charm the heck out of just about anyone who meets your gaze — and what an absolutely mesmerizing gaze it is! So go home and clean up your love pad. You may be sharing it with someone later.

Couple Lovescope

When it comes to your feelings towards your honey, you won’t want to beat around the bush. Let them know, in no uncertain terms, that they’re the one who fills your heart with joy.


Others may react emotionally but you shouldn’t. That means don’t pounce on your first opportunity that presents itself. Trust your instinct to help separate the real money from the fool’s gold.



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