Daily Forecast Aries 12-09


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It’s all about open and free communication, today. You’ve got to say what you feel as soon as you feel it! It’s time to liberate your mind and free yourself to say whatever comes to mind at the moment it pops up in your brain. You’re open to the fact that once or twice you might say something silly. You might stick your foot in your mouth, but so what? That’s a small price to pay for feeling free and open with the people you’ll be dealing with, today. Embarrassment can bring people closer.

Singles Lovescope

Your temper seems to ignite over the silliest things. Keep in mind that your crush won’t be tempted to woo you if you turn into the Incredible Hulk at the slightest provocation.

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You’re trying to juggle a lot right now. If making plans seems like just one more chore, invite your partner to join you for a cozy night in. Cuddling on the sofa could lead to an exciting night after all.


It’s not easy dealing with problems around the house after spending all week dealing with financial headaches. But you’ll sleep better once they’re done, so fix them and get on with it.



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