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If your career feels like it isn’t going where you want it to go quickly enough, you need to do some extracurricular work. This may require researching upcoming projects on your own time, connecting with important business contacts after hours, or looking for outside opportunities on the weekends. It’s up to you how ambitious you want to get, but if you aren’t satisfied, the only person who can fix the situation is you!

Singles Lovescope

You’re just about to see an instant mood elevation and maybe a popularity boost. You’re totally sizzling! Make room for everyone, even those who might feel like competitors. Let others bask in your energy!

Couple Lovescope

What you and your partner do next depends entirely on the point of view you take with this situation. Looking at it up close requires a different answer than standing back and taking the long view.


You’re learning why it’s so important not to be attached to objects, but people should provide some sense of permanence and even security. If they don’t, reassess the relationship.


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