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Someone you’ve always been able to count on for help hasn’t been quite as helpful lately, but you shouldn’t resent them for it. Put yourself in their position and you can understand why they might be acting a lot more conservatively with their resources. Give them some space for a while, and resist turning to them the next time you need a ride, loan, or advice. Look upon this as an opportunity to remind yourself how capable you are of finding solutions to your problems.

Singles Lovescope

Riddles are fun to solve, but when it comes to new romantic interests it can be sexier to keep a little mystery in the mix. You don’t need to figure out someone completely before you can take a gamble on love. Have fun flirting with an enigma.

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You want to take things to a deeper level, and it shouldn’t be too hard to convince your partner that it’s the best thing to do. You’re still as playful as ever, but you need to show your serious side.


The smell of money has your head spinning, and it’s impossible to think in that state. Don’t kid yourself that the details won’t really matter. Take the opposite approach and dig into them before it’s too late.


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