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You’re right in the middle of the madness and couldn’t be happier. When the stars are on your side, you love being the center of attention and it shows. You want to accomplish lots of goals for yourself, but you’re also willing to do a favor for someone else who really needs a hand. If you can affect just one person and make a positive change, however small, you’ll go to bed happy.

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You have a big ego, no doubt about that. And though some people find your bravado absolutely charming, it can get you in trouble in the business world. If you don’t understand or don’t know, just ask. Going on assumptions or false information is a bad idea.

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The best thing you can do for your relationship today, is to do something for yourself. You need a little TLC, and if you acknowledge that, you’ll both feel better.


Your intuitive powers just can’t be turned off. As a matter of fact, they’re like an alarm clock going off inside you. It’s time for that deep conversation with a trusted friend or advisor. Expect their wake up call.


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