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The person you could be spending a lot of time with today might not be patient enough to listen to every word you say, so try not to make this the day you confess anything major or bring up a delicate topic. But just because they aren’t fully engaged doesn’t mean that you won’t have a great time together. It’s just not the right day to make a deep connection. Keep the conversation light and fun, and don’t expect to reach any major milestones.

Singles Lovescope

Indulge your passion for art. Go to a museum or gallery. Carry a blank book and sketch as you watch the people. Doodle like you’re the next Picasso. Someone will for sure come talk to you.

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Before you make any big commitments today, find out who you’re really dealing with. If something seems suspicious, talk it over with your partner. They can help you focus your thoughts.


Nothing you do today will make your bank balance go up. The only way to control anything financial is by controlling your emotions. Focusing on partners helps you reign in spending. It’s the most intelligent use of both your time and emotional energy.


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