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You are chock-full of clarity today, and you’re able to get a handle on scheduling and other details with little (if any) guidance. This is a great day to start a new job, move to a new home, or travel internationally, because you’ll get the gist of what’s going on and what you need to do in the blink of an eye. Foreign situations will seem comfortable right away, and you’ll be able to thrive in stimulating environments.

Singles Lovescope

If you want to send a sweet message or ask someone out with the right romantic tone, don’t delay! The response you get today should be better than what comes over the next few days.

Couple Lovescope

Details, details. They’re not necessarily your favorite thing, and right now they might be irritating. Maybe you can sweet-talk your partner into taking care of some. And what will you do in return?


You are your own worst critic but you’re also your most adoring fan. Too bad you can’t just sit back and watch your own show. You should be too busy to be that self-conscious if you’re doing things right today.


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