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You’re as bubbly as a can full of soda pop, and with good reason. Some recent changes you’ve made have really started to pay off, and you’re able to see just how many choices you have in your life. It’s pretty darned wonderful, and part of you wants to get out there and spread the word to your fellow humans. Hold off on any evangelizing tendencies, however, and be content to lead by example. It’s really the most effective method.

Singles Lovescope

Somebody you work with has a personal life that makes soap operas look tame. That’s fine. But don’t spend more time thinking about their love life than you do taking care of your own.

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It’s a good time to sit down and think things through with or without your partner. If anything has troubled you lately, try to work it out and then present it to the powers that be.


Having to be thrifty and conservative has been good for your character in many ways. You’re less impulsive, for one. Use your new skill to think through your next move, way before you make it.


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