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Fight any urge to go it alone today. At first glance, it might seem like it would be easier and faster to get things done by yourself, but you have to start reaching out for guidance and insight from other people if you want to get the most possible value out of today’s experiences. Connecting with others isn’t that hard right now, especially since people are eager to connect with you and help you. Accept their advice and express your gratitude.

Singles Lovescope

Does it feel like every date you go on becomes a tug-of-war? If you’re giving everything and getting nothing, think about it practically. Do you need this frustration in your life right now?

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When it comes to decisions that affect the both of you, you might want to wait until you’ve reached consensus with your partner. Acting on your own in this case could create a huge riff in the relationship.


As much as you want things to change, it’s not the right time to be implementing plans. Your drive for success is laudable, but in this instance, self control means simply waiting.


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