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In terms of your emotional life, you’re in relatively good form right now. You’re feeling grounded, and you have the right perspective on what to work on next. Turn your attention to matters in the material world. Conserve a little more of your money. Cut back on some of your excess spending. Get more aggressive about your savings plan. You do have a savings plan, right? Your focus is sharp, so making big changes like these should be simple.

Singles Lovescope

New friends bring a certain sparkle to your eye, not to mention your love life. Be daring with your social networking if you want to turn these friendships into love connections. A surprising proposal may result.

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You have an opinion about everything, but sometimes it’s best to know when to remain silent and let your partner do the talking. Show that you’re a good listener and you might discover a special secret.


Things will just get more confusing before they become clear. Even though you’ve been through this same cycle again and again, you always wonder if this is the year you’ll be pulled into the quicksand of confusion and delays. Keep attempting to muddle along.


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