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Someone close to you keeps promising to change, but you have seen little proof until today. Your continued encouragement has finally helped this person have an epiphany, and you’ll start to notice a real change for the better. Show this person that you recognize these efforts at self-improvement, and make sure that they understand how you’re going to be there every step of the way. You’re one of the reasons for this important life change.

Singles Lovescope

Life and love are what you make of them, and that’s especially true now. Avoid pitfalls like superficiality and selfishness (in yourself and others), and embrace the magic.

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Your attention will be entirely focused on one thing today. If it’s your partner or your relationship, it’ll go smoothly, but if it’s something else, you may have to make up for it later!


Not only do you want to make room for something new, but your finances require a bit of charity. Don’t stop there, though. Make a hefty donation that actually hurts and brings you no benefits other than good feelings and a few karmic points.


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