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Partnerships can be tricky sometimes. From time to time it’s only natural that you’d feel some strain with someone you have to work or study with. Past issues are popping up again, and it seems like it’s much harder to forgive and forget than it has ever been before. This means that you two might need some time apart to get perspective. If you can make this separation happen, you should. But if you can’t, the two of you need to agree to disagree and move on.

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Small details mean the most today. Doing something nice for a co-worker, partner, or friend makes you considerate and downright lovable. Genuine gestures of friendship go a long way.

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You usually have just the right light touch to handle any kind of challenge, but today you’re feeling more like a blunt instrument. That’s okay. Some tasks just require more force than usual.


If you didn’t learn it yesterday, you’ll understand today that preaching won’t get you anywhere. Come up with another way of controlling the purse strings.


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