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Your deep emotions will be a powerful aspect of the choices you make today, which should make your day an easy one. Instead of getting tied up in the pros and cons of every little option or opportunity you come across, you’ll quickly be able to see what is right for you and what might be better for someone else. Your clarity is something that will only be useful to you, however. You can’t tell other people what choices to make, just as they can’t tell you what to do.

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Keep your mind from wandering when you’re listening to someone special. The last thing you want is to come off as disinterested and bored. Make eye contact and truly pay attention to everything being said. Ask questions and be engaged in the discussion.

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You’re going to find it much easier to say what needs saying today, even if you’re not totally sure that you’re in the right. That’s not as important as being honest and open, so go for it.


The smaller pleasures are fine and dandy, but you need something more extreme. The kind of fun you’re in the mood for isn’t exactly intellectual and it’s by no means cheap, either. Sky diving or booking a cruise are par for the day.


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