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You’ll probably be easily distracted today, but that shouldn’t affect how much you get accomplished. Just roll with whatever comes up. Be prepared for your mind to wander here and there. Who cares if you can’t find your car keys immediately? You will find them, eventually, and you shouldn’t be in any rush to get going anyway. Taking a laid-back attitude when your brain waves skip a beat will keep you mellow and relaxed. Don’t be disappointed if you aren’t always as sharp as a tack.

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What you have here is a potentially successful attempt to communicate. You manage to get across even the heaviest of issues with a light touch. Whatever you’ve got to say is worth hearing.

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You’re feeling the urge to try new things, and now is as good a time as any to start talking them over with your partner. You could have a lot more in common than you realized previously.


By their very nature your subliminal issues are unknowable. But do know that they are pushing you in the right direction every minute of every day. So if you’re not sure why you do what you do, don’t fight the mysterious feeling. Just be relieved that whatever their source, your baggage is just the right kind of ballast.


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