Daily Forecast Cancer 04-03


Cancer Daily Forecast

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You’ll be wearing your heart on your sleeve for the next couple of days, and you’ll be ready to tell one and all exactly what you’re feeling as soon as you’re feeling it. Does this mean you’re especially vulnerable at the moment? You bet. Better call someone you love and trust and ask them to play bodyguard and babysitter, especially if you’re about to venture out into the world. After all, you’ve done it for them, haven’t you?

Singles Lovescope

Some amazing energy is coming your way today, and you should be able to channel it in almost any direction. If you want to turn your attention to your love life, you should be able to do almost anything!

Couple Lovescope

Out of nowhere, you and your partner find a whole other area where you connect, one that was totally unexpected. Isn’t that delightful? You’re always finding new ways to appreciate each other.


If you want to experience a different culture, do it on the cheap. Start by exploring parts of your own city or town that are new to you. You can experience something foreign without buying a single ticket.



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