Daily Forecast Cancer 04-14


Cancer Daily Forecast

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The kind of energy and excitement the stars are sending your way is likely to have you feeling totally connected, full of life, and raring to go. It’s also likely that you’ll have other people taking plenty of notice of you: the positive, admiring kind. And if you shed the inhibition that’s got you feeling a little bit confined, well, you’ll just turn the volume up on all of it. When almost anything goes, almost anything can happen!

Singles Lovescope

Consider keeping your options open. Playing the field should be your key mode right now, with special emphasis on the “play.” You ought to be having a ball, and you just can’t if you feel weighed down.

Couple Lovescope

Family matters are front and center, whether it’s yours, your darling’s or a combination of both. Expect the boundaries between all of these different units to blend, or at the very least, to shift.


You’ve gotten quite good at adjusting your life to fit your finances. In fact, it’s almost fun to review your budget these days. It’s not exactly the same as curling up with a good book but it is good enough for government work. Enjoy.



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