Daily Forecast Cancer 04-21


Cancer Daily Forecast

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Today, be flexible and you’ll be more powerful. Being too rigid about life closes you off to too many things. If you push things away that confuse you or frustrate you, you could be depriving yourself of some amazing growth opportunities. It’s time for you to leave your comfort zone behind and open up your mind and your heart. Take a risk and see what happens. Roll with the punches and know that no matter what happens you can totally handle it.

Singles Lovescope

Today is full of big fun and deep insight — which is lucky for you, and perfect for your love life! Make the most of any new opportunities to kick your routines to the curb. New activities leads your heart to new places.

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Outwardly you may seem as if you’re slightly scatterbrained, but you’re in touch with all the things that truly matter. Tell your partner he or she needs to pick up the slack while you address pressing topics right now.


You can’t be bought or sold. Someone thinks their money grants them some kind of authority over you but they had better think again. Don’t let yourself get upset by their attitude. Simply resist.



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