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Today could be a day to remember, full of romance, intrigue, secrets, and even one or two dramatic revelations! You’ll be in the thick of things right away, first thing in the morning, so make sure you eat a good breakfast and are prepared for some roller-coaster hours. You’re a featured player in this daytime drama, and whether or not you’re the hero of the story is completely up to you. If you want to stir up some trouble, go for it! You’re ready to deal with the fallout.

Singles Lovescope

You’re used to getting your way, but you might be overcompensating for that fact by being too accommodating with a potential romance. After all, you can’t totally obliterate your own wants and desires, nor should you.

Couple Lovescope

Why do you and your partner always end up squabbling about the same thing? Why don’t the arguments work out the way you think they should? It’s time to ask yourself the hard questions. You might get some useful answers.


You’re not a saint, though you don’t mind helping others when you can. But the amount of the check you are looking at cutting today is downright ugly. Don’t spend too much of your time crying over it, though, because it must be done. At best, you can put off the inevitable for another couple of days.



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