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All your feelings are on the surface today as soon as they pop up, but you might want to hide them instead of sharing them with your people. There’s nothing wrong with that, though you don’t do it all that often. In fact, you might want to choose your confidants more carefully. Get ready, but if you feel yourself getting a bit heated, it’s best to hold off finishing your little chat.

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If life seems a bit dull right now, it’s a perfect time to spice things up. When was the last time you invited a good friend out? What about music? Explore online for the hottest new bands. You’ll find tons of fun right at your fingertips.

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Use your imagination to come up with new ideas for date night. If you always do dinner and a movie, mix it up a little. Your partner will love to be surprised by you.


You’re in a dreamy kind of mood. It’s not exactly the kind of state you need to be in to make changes in your life, but they just might happen anyway — especially if others see you indulging in your favorite pastime.



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