Daily Forecast Cancer 05-01


Cancer Daily Forecast

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A family obligation will cause a bit of conflict with you and a friend or sweetie today … but you should definitely take a risk. Do what you really want to do right now and just be prepared for whatever the consequences may be. If you’re currently unattached, someone you meet through work will provide lots of opportunity for sizzling romance. Be more generous in your assessment of people who don’t quite understand what you’re about. They’ll get it soon enough.

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Far from making you earthbound, your groundedness allows you to see love from a pretty far-out perspective now. Seek it out and find some new enlightenment.

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Communication is important, but it’s just as imperative that you know what not to say. In other words, there can be such a thing as too much information even in the closest of relationships. Is this a good moment to keep mum?


Something that started out just for fun is suddenly taking on a life of its own. It’s sucking up a lot of your money now but it could be making some for you if you played your cards right. Start looking at it as a way to showcase your natural abilities to the universe.



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