Daily Forecast Cancer 05-09


Cancer Daily Forecast

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A very kind person could come into your life, and you’ll feel a magnetic pull toward them. Follow it. Let yourself go where they go, do what they do, and give what they give. They have an inner peace that you should learn how to adopt for yourself. You’ve been waiting for someone to show you a better way of being with people. The wait is over. This mentor, even if they don’t know it, will help you identify a whole new set of goals in your life.

Singles Lovescope

Trust your gut. It won’t let you down now. If it’s telling you that that person across the room is someone you need to get to know better, then mosey on over. And if it’s telling you to run…run!

Couple Lovescope

Monetary concerns don’t have to put a damper on romance. Explore parks, libraries, and inexpensive eateries to combine thrift and thrills.


Don’t assume you have your own unique way of thinking about a subject. You’ll meet someone who sees it the same way, and sparks will fly. Have you met your soul mate or simply your investing partner? Time will tell.



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