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You love to toss around tact, diplomacy, and congeniality as if the well could never run dry. Weirdly, in your case, that might very well be true! One caveat: you have a hard time bending the truth today, so you might have to avoid certain people if they can’t handle the truth quite yet. Hiding out might be your first impulse, but it might be more fun to squirm a little.

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Be tolerant of friends who seem to always take the longest road to love. While you’re eager to see them fall head over heels, everyone has a unique pace they prefer to travel toward a budding romance. Give them time to find it.

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Misunderstandings could make things unnecessarily complicated, so think twice (or three times) before you speak. It seems ridiculous, but you might want to record things just to be on the safe side.


You’re being obstinate, and that’s a valuable feeling in this market. Hanging in there will net you some profits if you keep your eyes and ears open for some good buys.



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