Daily Forecast Cancer 05-14


Cancer Daily Forecast

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Plenty of fire and excitement are on today’s agenda, so prepare yourself. Chances are excellent that a co-worker will be responsible for turning up the thermostat, which could turn out to be a wonderful thing. Of course, fire shows its face in many ways, so along with the possibility of a casual, supposedly harmless flirtation turning passionate in a hurry, you might also encounter an argument. Either way, it definitely won’t be a boring day.

Singles Lovescope

Each encounter you have holds all sorts of possibilities, but you won’t get the best of it unless you surrender your preconceptions. Your “type” may be about to undergo a dramatic overhaul.

Couple Lovescope

Oh, no! Are you feeling moody? Or broody? Well, that’s okay, just as long as you recognize it and let your partner know it’s not their fault.


You’re tempted to try something drastic, but a big part of you wants to stay in safe, conservative territory. That means you’re basically sitting still, and so is your money. There’s really nothing wrong with that for now, as long as you don’t tread water for long.



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