Daily Forecast Cancer 05-16


Cancer Daily Forecast

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You’re awfully proud of yourself today when you say or do something that shocks and amazes the throngs around you, so much so that you aren’t embarrassed. The more the merrier! When you give in to the urge to just say or do whatever crosses your mind, no matter where you are or who you happen to be with, make sure to tell your people to relax and smile for the camera. It might be your moment in the spotlight, but it’s only fair to share.

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You’re rather sensitive for the time being, but that doesn’t have to be negative, far from it! Find your center with exercise and spend time with someone awesome. You’re quite responsive and amazingly aware.

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Someone’s smooth ways may be clouding your perspective. Are they trying to sell you a literal or metaphorical bill of goods? Don’t let their persuasive (but flawed) theories influence you.


You’re the best person to figure yourself out. Do some soul searching. You already know how it’s done. Just consider it another form of research and let yourself go deep.



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