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Whether you’re aware of it or not, your career is going through an interesting transformation right about now. To gain some insight into these changes, talk to one or two coworkers about where they think you’re headed. Chances are they know more about your trajectory than you do! There has been gossip, and you need to get in on it. You should get prepared to do a lot more reading and research on how to make the most of the connections you’re building.

Singles Lovescope

You may need to slam on the brakes when it comes to a romantic situation. Ask your big question point-blank. If they’re worth it, they should back up, and they might be even more intrigued.

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You’re capable of a point of view right now that’s both philosophical and analytical. If there’s something about your relationship that needs a little thought or processing, now’s the time to jump on it.


Now you understand why it’s important to have work you love. Your sweat and toil might not pay off until the very end of the line, for all you know. Values like perseverance are a whole lot easier to have when the work is enjoyable.



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