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Today, pay attention to the one person who is doing their darndest to avoid you! E-mails go unanswered, phone calls are never returned. They either did something they don’t want to tell you about or are afraid you already know about it. Reach out to them and be proactive about the situation. They aren’t going to fess up until it’s far too late to fix whatever they’ve broken. So it’s in your own best interests to track them down and make them spill.

Singles Lovescope

Now’s the time to start surrounding yourself with positive, healthy people. Think about doing a relationship housecleaning. Create distance between you and those toxic friends who take advantage of your magnanimity.

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After stressful days of co-workers making you crazy, you’re in need of a release. Taking a yoga class will leave you feeling revived and ready to get close to your partner.


There are debts you can live with, and then there are toxic debts. Something is slowly poisoning your future. You can find out which is which without much soul searching.



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