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Today is sure to be a good day! You’re in the midst of a wonderful phase of good energy. Even the grumpiest of people can’t ruin your mood. At worst, they might get a sigh out of you, but that’s it. Embrace all of this positive energy and keep having fun with it. It’s an excellent time to try to change someone’s mind. If you need someone on your side, it’s a good time to make your most persuasive speech.

Singles Lovescope

What if? What if? What if you and Mr. or Mrs. Not-So-Wonderful had stayed together? What if you hadn’t lost that job? Well, you’d be in a different place, obviously. And maybe no better off. So stop dwelling on the past — missed opportunities or not, your life is truly blessed now.

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Keep your mood light and flirtatious today, and your sweetie will respond in kind. A slow build up all day will get you in the mood for some serious loving tonight. You may want to get started a little early!


Your budget is fundamentally different. Whether you have drastically less to work with or radically more, you hardly know how to accomplish your short-term goals. Even though it all feels foreign to you, remind yourself that the basic activity is still the same.



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