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Are you eager to create a deeper relationship with the people you socialize with? The only thing standing in your way is you! There’s no reason why you can’t ask more compelling questions, suggest more intellectual pursuits, or bring a higher level of discourse to your pleasure-seeking activities. Your friends have interesting insights and opinions they’ve never had the chance to share. You can help them find a forum. Having fun doesn’t mean you have to turn off your brain.

Singles Lovescope

Your social life requires extra finesse for now, and everything you say is fraught with extra meaning. Think carefully about what you need to get across, and the best medium in which to convey it.

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Appreciate your partner, warts and all. It’s okay to feel misunderstood, but don’t blame them for not being a mind reader.


You’re already feeling overwhelmed as it is. Don’t let your thoughts pull you down even further. If being intellectual about your financial problems helps, then keep thinking. If not, then turn off your brain and have some fun.



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