Daily Forecast Cancer 05-20


Cancer Daily Forecast

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Your friends and coworkers are flexible enough to accommodate whatever it is you need, but you’ll have ask them. If you vocalize your plans and accept the challenges ahead of you, everything can be simplified and the pace of your day can be exactly what you need: slow if you’re dealing with complicated matters, rapid if you’re on autopilot. It’s important to prepare yourself early in the day for what’s going to come later. The earlier you’re ready the better.

Singles Lovescope

It might feel weird to flirt with someone you know well, but the tension could be unbearable. Test the waters to see if feelings are indeed mutual. You certainly know what to do from there!

Couple Lovescope

You’re in the mood to double-check just about everything, and your careful attitude really pays off. Precision is everything, especially when it comes to love. Your partner appreciates your thoroughness.


There used to be no such thing as an unrealistic goal, but those days of excess are over. Your emotions are no longer the driving force. The numbers are, so have them ready.



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