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Appearance is very important, but your outer attractiveness is nowhere near as important as your inner beauty today. So forget about overhauling your wardrobe and put your attention towards things that really matter. Your outlook on life needs to be polished up and made shiny again, and the best way to do that is to get together with the person or people who make you feel good about your life and where it is going. Get with them for a meal and talk things out, catch up with each other.

Singles Lovescope

Start a new project today. Like finding the love of your life. Or finding the life you love, which can, they say, create the necessary conditions for the love of your life to appear.

Couple Lovescope

A possible career change could have you evaluating your whole life. Rely on your lover to keep your head on straight.


You have some competition, in case you hadn’t noticed. The added element is really turning up the heat. In fact, it’s scorching. That’s fine with you because a little heat won’t scare you out of the kitchen. Keep cooking up the moneymaking ideas.



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