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You might not be feeling that great as the day starts off, but the people you’re around sure think you’re looking great and they won’t be shy about saying so! Take the adoration and compliments seriously — this is not a day to play the humble card. The flattery you receive will help you feel better physically and emotionally. So agree with other people when they say you’re looking good, because disagreeing with them will only keep you in a sour mood!

Singles Lovescope

It’s like someone threw a monkey wrench into this potential romance. At first, you couldn’t see the problem because you were too close, but now the stars give you a double dose of perspective.

Couple Lovescope

Sometimes you have to toot your own horn, but the nice thing about being in a relationship is that when you’re too tuckered to toot, your partner can do the PR work on your behalf. It’s nice to hear your praises sung.


Your regular way of going about your day may seem perfectly normal, but there is something slightly different about everything you do. It’s you. The way you perceive things has shifted. Your ideas about everything from money to coffee beans are a bit off, and you like the change.



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