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You might want to get out your walking shoes, because you’re sure to need to take a few breathers throughout the day. Life at home or work could be a little less harmonious than you’d like, but rather than let yourself get upset, just realize that it’s all temporary. Step outside and take a walk if you feel you’ve reached your limit. If you feel productive, put your head down and go to it.

Singles Lovescope

Somebody is driving you crazy today. Is it crazy good or crazy bad? Once you’ve figured out which it is, forget it. When it comes to a crush, just about everything gaga is good!

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It’s a paradox, but the answer you seek to this relationship dilemma will find you when you stop looking for it. Stop beating yourself up for not having a game plan right now. Rest. Relax. You’ll be fine.


Everyone has their talents. Some can make a good dinner seem like poetry and others can’t fry an egg but they can make beautiful music, with instruments or otherwise. If your talent is making money flow, then you play an important part in the artistic process. You are very much in demand today, for just that reason.



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