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You can drive away any pessimism today by focusing on one of the relationships in your life that brings you fulfillment. Even if this person lives far away from you, you should do what you can to get some sort of conversation going with them. Use e-mail, phone, or even an old-fashioned letter to communicate with them. Let them know what’s going on in your life. This will help remind you of the positive influences you have in your life, which will make you feel valued.

Singles Lovescope

Think fast! If you’re having a great conversation with a fellow commuter, then ask them out before the next stop. If you come across last-minute tickets to a concert, grab them and find a date later.

Couple Lovescope

Is it you two or is it hot in here? With all the hand holding, nuzzling, and whispering of sweet nothings you could wish for, something magical is in the air.


You’re too upbeat and buoyant to do something dull and sedentary like pour over the details, but that’s what the day requires of you. It would be a shame to waste all the creative energy, though. Find ways to put it to good use as your nose is forced against the smaller picture.



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