Daily Forecast Cancer 06-10


Cancer Daily Forecast

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You are all about innovation, and that’s why you’ve become the go-to person for problem solving among your crew. The current situation that’s got everyone all atwitter might be a toughie, but don’t give up. It shouldn’t stump you for long. Bouncing your ideas off a trusted friend or colleague is exactly what the doctor’s ordered. Lots of input should take your ideas from point A to point B.

Singles Lovescope

Today is a great day to have fun and get crazy. Just be flexible if things don’t go as planned. Something even more memorable is in store.

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Your significant other may not be feeling that great, so it’s a good thing they’ve got you. Help turn that frown of theirs upside down with your ridiculously wonderful sense of humor.


You’ve been busy making some new friends, but don’t forget about those you’ve grown to rely on. Those old friends are like your retirement fund: An investment you just don’t want to pull out of. Keep contributing even if it’s only in small ways. A card, email or phone call goes a long way.



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