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Are you getting annoyed with a friend, but not sure how to let them know? Do yourself (and them) a favor and keep quiet about your frustrations. Just start spending more time with other people and either they will get the message or they’ll initiate a conversation about why things have changed. Then and only then will they be ready to hear the truth you have to tell — without going into any great emotional upheaval. Not everyone is ready to hear the cold, hard truth about their behavior.

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Boredom doesn’t become you, so give your heart a kick-start. Exercise your particular genius for churning out some amazing ideas in the realm of romance, and put at least one small idea into action.

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Sympathy is a wonderful balm, but your darling might need more than that. A little tough love wouldn’t be amiss. And yes, you’re the one who might have to dole it out. The truth can be the most bracing tonic of all.


Be careful of other people. They’re under even more pressure than you are. If you can’t bend over backwards to be kind when you encounter others, then do the world a favor and stay home.



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