Daily Forecast Cancer 12-09


Cancer Daily Forecast

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Your pioneering spirit is back and it’s looking for something – or someone – new to discover! This is going to push the level of excitement in your life up a notch, which will be fun. Sure, you might have to juggle some plans around, but no one is going to mind. Follow any loose threads that pop up today, and they could lead you to some very interesting conversations. You might learn something!

Singles Lovescope

The stars are aligned to make communication effortless for you today. Take this opportunity to let your new crush know what’s on your mind. You’ll be able to express yourself with ease.

Couple Lovescope

There’s no need for you two to be attached at the hip. Independent people like you need time outside the relationship. And besides, your partner may feel like staying at home tonight.


You want your balances to change with lightening speed, but common sense says they won’t. You have what you need to eventually get in the black, but only if you persevere.



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