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Don’t push too hard. There are some days when the people who need to decide have to do so on their own timetable, no matter how inconvenient it might feel to you. Don’t forget that you’re much more decisive than the average bear, and just because you would have decided by now doesn’t mean that they are taking an unreasonable amount of time.

Singles Lovescope

Finish up a home or work project this morning. It should give you a great feeling of accomplishment. Later in the day, you can make a feast out of the flimsiest of ingredients. Your talents never end!

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Make a small change in your life, maybe a new haircut or snappy pair of shoes. The appreciative glances you receive from your partner (and others) will raise your confidence level. Then take another risk.


If the picture is getting fuzzier and fuzzier, it’s up to you to make things clear. Put everything in a legal document and make sure all parties sign it. Otherwise, don’t hand over any cash.



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