Daily Forecast Cancer 12-27


Cancer Daily Forecast

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A wave of altruism will soon wash over you — you’re a sucker for good causes and underdogs. If you’re asked to make a donation, buy something whose proceeds will benefit a nonprofit or contribute your time to a charity, you’ll be only too happy to do it. Just be sure the person who sees your soft heart — and checkbook — doesn’t take advantage of you.

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Your gut instinct, that little voice that speaks the truth if you listen, is your greatest asset as you search for love right now. It’s strong and tuned in, both to you and to those around you.

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Your energy is a little scattered today. What’s got you so on edge? Try to relax with your partner as soon as you possibly can. Why not see if you can book a massage for two?


One minute you can’t get your feet off the ground, the next you’re blasting off to Jupiter. Cool your jets. Just because your bottom line is all over the board doesn’t mean your emotions have to be.



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