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All your plans should go perfectly today. And if any obstacles do appear, they’ll be the kind that fizzle out on their own soon enough. So the only way you could fall into a bad mood today is if you let your mind wander to problems that you can’t fix. Dwell on things beyond your control and you could start feeling blue. Instead, let yourself be happy. Keep your mind on all the good news in your life right now. There is so much of it!

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Reality has settled in. It’s over. But you’re not totally accepting this truth. If you need help processing your grief, talk it over with someone. Some wounds take lots of time to heal, so go easy on yourself.

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You’ve got a powerful vibe now that’s very commanding and very hot. Your slow-and-steadiness, your decision-making prowess, your rock-solidity, your partner ought to be loving it.


All the stress and pressure that has been building up are finally behind you. Your thoughts are freed up to focus on new things. Generating ideas is the theme of the day. It feels good to use your intellect to do more than simply save money. Focus on novel ways to generate it.


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