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Despite the array of choices that will be placed before you early on, everything will move along smoothly in your day today. Take advantage of these calmer waters by being more reflective than usual. Take a look at what you’re gravitating toward socially right now. Why do you think you’re enjoying this new pace? Once you understand what comforts you and what excites you, you’ll be able to recognize it sooner and make better choices for your long-term happiness.

Singles Lovescope

Intellectually, you’re on fire today. So instead of sitting home alone, head to a lecture, gallery opening, or book signing and expand your vision. And don’t hesitate to look around, because someone, perhaps a kindred spirit, is looking at you.

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Contradictions and interruptions are the order of the day, including in your relationship. Luckily, your adaptability and free-flowing thoughts make it all an opportunity instead of a liability.


You can’t afford to beat around the bush. You have to get down to brass tacks right away today. Every minute is money to you and you shouldn’t be lulled into thinking otherwise.


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