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As you continue on a more passive path right now, you’ll begin to notice things you never had the time to notice before. These revelations will teach you something new about someone you’ve known for a while. The change in this person’s behavior has a reasonable explanation, so resist the urge to make any assumptions. Avoid any confrontations at all right now; just keep experiencing everything around you in a new way.

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You’re coming across as somewhat gruff these days, and that’s fine! You don’t have time for fun and games now, and people who don’t understand your efficiency don’t get very far with you. Fly beneath the radar. You should gain altitude in a few days.

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One of your finest and most intriguing qualities is your ability to try on new points of view the way other people try on shoes. You’re definitely keeping your partner on their toes now.


Be patient. Nothing lasts forever, not even this dry spell. You’ve learned how to adapt to a lower standard of living and it hasn’t killed you, at least not yet. In fact, it’s been healthy for you. Continue getting the most out of life on this level


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