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There’s an invisible barrier between you and someone else right now, walls you can’t see or touch but that are holding you back just as if they were eight feet tall and made of brick. If you really want to break through to this person, you have to do it with charm and patience, not a wrecking ball! Take care when dealing with others and they’ll take care when dealing with you. Wait for them to open a door and you’ll be invited in.

Singles Lovescope

Your creative insights shouldn’t help you far beyond the workplace. Use your clever ideas to make your next date even more exciting than you had expected. If your artistic tendencies are your guides, you can’t go wrong.

Couple Lovescope

The most ordinary places can be the setting for your extraordinary love. So make sure you two tackle as many mundane errands as you can today. Even taking the garbage out could lead to a sizzling moment.


Stress finally brought on the big thunderstorm it had been threatening. Now you’re watching the rain of the event seep into all areas of your life. This could be career crisis time or not, depending on the size of your umbrella.


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