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Endurance isn’t always fun. Staying with something (or someone) until it’s over isn’t quite as enjoyable as sticking with something (or someone) because they truly fulfill you and make you happy. Unfortunately, when something important is at stake, you have to forgo the fun and hang in there. Right now, your options are limited, and your determination will force you to do the right thing. Focus on making things last. Later, you can figure out how to make them fun.

Singles Lovescope

You’re curious about this cool cat. They won’t drop a clue, but you’re endlessly researching what you think are common topics of interest. Well, at the very least, you’ll expand your areas of expertise.

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The progress you’re making with your partner seems so slow right now, but it is happening. If you need proof, take a look back over the past few months. You’ve come a long way since then!


You may not want to show your face among those you imagine to be unhurt by the storm, but being around others is the best medicine for you right now. In fact, you’ll be energized by them, and money is energy.


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