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When you can learn to be flexible with an obstinate person, you can learn to do just about anything! A touchy and stubborn person could cross your path, and they will tell you that it’s their way or the highway, despite the fact that the ideas you have (that they don’t want to hear) would make their life easier. Never mind. Laugh it off and do what they say. Go along to get along, and be amused by the fact that they’re so shortsighted. Don’t follow their example.

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You’re prone to experiencing a total loss of control in one or more aspects of your life. So when the hankering to call an ex or indulge in an expensive treat bears down, do something else. A new perspective will help you through it.

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Your partner may have some drama going on, but you don’t want to get involved, especially since it doesn’t directly relate to the two of you. Keep smiling and be supportive, but stay out of it.


Your portfolio is suddenly getting diversified, and by force if not necessity. Whether you do it willingly or kicking and screaming, you’ll be a little better off for it than those around you.


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