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Allowing yourself a little latitude lets you do some of your best work, and not only when it comes to your career. Give your inner critic the day off. How about some freewheeling interpersonal exchanges? Suspend your serious side and your undying quest for perfection. Someone’s oddities may strike you as sweet and interesting. Tell them about it.

Singles Lovescope

You have all the glory today. All eyes are on you. People are treating you like a movie star. If only you had someone to walk down the red carpet with.

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A brilliant idea will come to you when you’re least expecting it. Share it with your partner and let them expand upon it. Work together and you’ll accomplish something amazing.


Part of you wants to rush ahead and the other part says, in this economy, just forget it. Both sides of you are right. The only thing that remains to be done is deciding which you’ll let lead and which will follow.


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