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When the going gets a little bit tough today, just reach out to your friends. They might not be able to directly help you with whatever issue is vexing you, but they’ll at least be able to make you smile. Your thoughts have been taking you to some depressing places lately, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Happiness and sadness are both important parts of life.

Singles Lovescope

At times, you feel like an understudy, always waiting in the wings. You need to keep practicing your lines, though, because you’re set to take center stage in your very own romantic production!

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Feeling overwhelmed at work and home? Ask your partner for support and assistance on any issue that keeps you awake at night. Sometimes a good listener is all you really need.


Hard work pays off in the end, but not necessarily in the way you want. You’ll feel more successful if you don’t have such a narrow definition of ‘pay off’. Cash shouldn’t be your only reward.


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