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Your road to romance could take a little bit of a detour today, but it will be a fun one! Just roll with these changes and keep a positive attitude. You’re in for some interesting surprises and delightful adventures. Even if a date you were looking forward to gets canceled, it will be for the best. You have to believe that! Stay hopeful and you’ll stay cheerful. Having positive emotions will show the universe that you’re ready for positive encounters.

Singles Lovescope

Try multitasking in your approach to finding romance. Using dating apps is a great idea, but you don’t have to stop there. Don’t forget that classic dating technique: asking your friends to set you up with their friends.

Couple Lovescope

You and your partner totally deserve a trip to a warm tropical beach. But before you book the trip, ask yourself two questions. Can you afford it? And, more importantly, are you going for the right reasons?


You can’t be at your best each and every day. Some losses are just par for the course. But you’re going way beyond the territory of acceptable losses. You’re almost in the sand trap. Take a breather and go over the details before taking another swing.


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