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You might be surprised to discover that one of your dreams is awfully close to becoming a reality. All it takes is vision and a plan for how to proceed. You need someone to give you a little push, but you can keep yourself swinging after that. So if you’ve been in a thick fog about how you’re going to approach this goal, have a short conversation early today with someone who’s been there before. They will help get a few ideas percolating. You’ll see a pathway!

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In case it comes up today, don’t forget that every end is actually a beginning. So if something seems to be over before it even gets started, that just means it’s making room for something better.

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It’s unusual for you to be so shy and retiring, but little does your partner know what’s going on in that active imagination of yours. When you’re good and ready, they’ll hear all about it, to their delight.


Think long and hard before you invest any money. In fact, do your research before you spend any money at all. Your naturally slow MO should help you make all the right decisions today.



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