Daily Forecast Capricorn 04-11


Capricorn Daily Forecast

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You don’t mean to put your foot in your mouth, but for some reason you keep doing it over and over again. It might be best to try to get your message across using as few words as possible right now to avoid misunderstandings. In other words, keep a lid on it until you feel more in command of your verbal skills. Don’t worry. Your friends and family will be intrigued by this new you.

Singles Lovescope

Your determination in the realm of romance isn’t lacking, but you also recognize there’s more here than meets the eye. Hold off on any big moves until you suss out what’s really going on.

Couple Lovescope

Do you thrive on attention? Your partner might not be as thrilled with your new legions of fans. Jealousy is best nipped in the bud. Talk about the issue before it blows out of proportion.


You are drawing people to you like a magnet. Unfortunately, they’re the wrong kind of people. The universe is giving you a mirror to look into. What about them reminds you of yourself? Find out and work on it before you can start attracting money.



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