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It might sound impossible, but today your job is to analyze the unseen. You have all the clues and intuition you need to do just that. When your heart senses that someone is being less than up front with you, follow your suspicion. You’ll soon see why you were so certain that you needed some time away from them. Or when your boss or another authority figure sends you a particularly complimentary message, believe your hunch that says big changes are coming for your career.

Singles Lovescope

Keep a little distance from that certain someone you’re interested in. Something’s definitely brewing, but this one needs time to ferment. Let it sweeten before tasting the goods.

Couple Lovescope

Take a look at your own emotional terrain before you project your current state onto your partner. Could you both be playing a part in what’s currently going on? Be responsible for your share.


Strange, you work hard to keep the roof up and yet once you’re under it, there’s nothing but strife. Nip that in the bud. You need domestic bliss on the weekends to fuel your earning ability. Get some.



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